Expect to be warmly welcomed into a family atmosphere when you visit Grace Anglican Church. We are a small, growing congregation and are very open to newcomers. Dress however you like. Most peple will be dressed comfortably, (e.g. jeans, shorts in summer, t-shirts) and some will be a bit more dressed up. You should dress however you are most comfortable.

Our service runs about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. We start with musical worship, followed by what we call the Liturgy of the Word, where we pray and hear Gods Word. There is a sermon that lasts 15-20 minutes that is based on the Bible readings we just heard.

Next we move to the Holy Communion, which we celebrate each week. All who are baptized are welcome to receive communion with us. If you are not yet at this point in your faith, we invite you to come to the altar with everyone else and receive a blessing or prayer.

The 1st Sunday of each month includes healing prayer during the service, where we offer prayer for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. There is also an opportunity for healing prayer after each service if you prefer to pray in a more private setting.

Our Worship begins at 4:45pm each Sunday. We finish by about 5:45pm. After worship, we move to our Missional Community gathering, where we will share a meal and pray, study and plan together with New Community Church (see Groups page for more info.)

Have questions? Contact Us for more information.


We use the Revised Common Lectionary to determine our Bible readings for each week.

Here’s a link to the readings we will use for the next few weeks:

Bible Readings


We worship with mostly contemporary Christian style music with some inclusion of traditional hymns. We invite our congregation to worship along with our accomplished worship team.

Here is a taste of some songs we use in worship:


We love the sound of children during our worship! It is the sound of a vibrant congregation. Your children are always welcome in our services. However, we understand that sometimes you need a break from your children to be able to commit yourself wholly to worship. We offer nursery services, but don't currently offer a separate children’s ministry. If you need this ministry, let us know and we’ll work toward getting it started.