We value expectant prayer. We are a praying community. We expect that God answers prayers, so we expectantly pray for the needs of our church, the needs of our community, and the needs of our individuals. We believe God heals through prayer—He heals physically, emotionally and spiritually; healing prayer is an important part of our ministry.

We offer prayer for healing for mind, body or spirit after each service. If you would like to be prayed for, see Rev. John after the service.

Prayer is simply conversation with God. There are many approaches to this: some like freeform prayer that comes from the heart, some prefer prayers they read; some like solitude and meditation, others pray when they are working or doing activities. Below are several different approaches to prayer. You don’t necessarily need to try them all, but find something that works for you and talk to God daily.

Christians throughout the world say some form of prayer every day. Below are some links to help you get started:

Daily Lectionary Readings

These readings are part of what we call the Daily Office, which is a series of times of prayer throughout the day. Normally, the first Psalm and one or two of the readings are used in Morning Prayer, and the other Psalm and the remainder of the readings are used in Evening Prayer. Other times of prayer include Noonday Prayer, which is done at or near noon, and Compline, which is done at the end of the day.


This is provided by the Church of England and includes Morning and Evening Prayer and Compline in Traditional and Contemporary Settings.

Common Worship Daily Prayer

Here are a couple of links to the Church of England Website that has some good prayer resources, including a section called "Learn to Pray":

Church of England Prayer and Worship
An Invitation to Prayer

Below are links about prayer and how to meditate:

Christian Meditation

If you find any of these particularly useful, let us know. Send us a comment or prayer request by using the form below. If you find other sites that enhance your prayer life, let us know that also!